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Stereo to 5.1 /  7.1 Surround Phaseless Multi-Seat Automotive Upmixer


Near-identical sound in every seat

Highest Quality

phaseless upmix DSP

Optimized for ADI's SHARC platfrom

Legacy upmixers have failed in automotive because they drastically alter the upmixed sound which sounds bad in cars.  And tuning to the driver via delays and levels fails to delivery a quality sound stage to every seat.

PerfectSurround's unique phaseless upmixer does not alter the sound:  nothing is added, deleted or sonically modified in Penteo's upmix DSP. 

Automotive listeners are bathed in the highest quality immersive  soundstage possible, with our post-upmix advanced automotive tools delivering near-identical sound performance to every seat.


Premium phaseless soundstage

PerfectSurround's phaseless upmixer brings studio-quality audio to automotive with the biggest and most believable listening space and improved bass for all listeners simultaneously.


PerfectSurround's solid and stable center channel immerses every seat with a wider and deeper soundfield across all frequencies


All frequency response coloration is completely eliminated due to PerfectSurround's phaseless DSP.





PerfectSurround Automotive adds phase-equalization instead of delays post-upmix to eliminate any near-side biases in the car. 

We correct for all acoustic issues outside of the upmixer releated to distance, delays and the creation of a phantom center for each seat.


This results in a near-identical sound experience for every seat location across all frequencies.  


Optimized for

automotive manufacturers

PerfectSurround Automotive's upmixer and multi-seat tools make tuning faster, easier and  repeatable. 

Our software licensing models are flexible to support any Automotive OEM and Car aftermarket requirements.

We provide the software, documentation and support and are flexible to your needs ensuring  partnership success.

PerfectSurround DSP Powers the Penteo Upmix Audio Plugin

In film, TV and gaming, sound creators and designers use upmix audio plugins to convert stereo to Surround, Atmos, Auro3D, DTSX and Ambisonics formats.   Because of broadcast, all formats must also downmix cleanly back to the original stereo.

Nothing is added, deleted or sonically modified in PerfectSurround's phaseless DSP making it the only DSP that does not colorize the sound. Therefore, very Penteo upmix downmixes perfectly back to the original source, 100% ITU. 

Most major film, broadcast/streaming and gaming studios rely on Penteo for upmixing/downmixing sound.

Penteo 16 Pro used by major film and broadcast/streaming studios around the world

Penteo is used by content creators, sound designers and composers in 50+ countries.


PerfectSurround Lossless DSP

Nothing is sonically added, modified or removed from the original source in PerfectSurround’s award-winning phaseless upmixer.   Our unique DSP divides content into common, intermediate and differntial signals so they can be steered between front, side and rear speakers.  Because of the sonic clarity with zero tonal coloration in our DSP, every upmix is treated uniquely yet remains faithful to the original source.  PerfectSurround is easily optimized to any car or seating configuration.    


Three Center Extraction Modes


Our Center extraction modes provide maximum control over how sound energy is put into the center channel.  Default mode blends phantom/discrete into one channel which is ideal for all music types.  Discrete creates the most focused center image,.  Composite enhances the center image if delays are being used.


Precise Bass Management


By automatically phase-aligning the center, sub and front low frequency speakers, additional low frequency punch is heard in every car seat.  Four LFE controls manage how low frequency effects are distributed across channels.


All Formats Supported


We upmix to every Dolby Surround format including 3.1 LCR, 4.1 Quad, and 5.1 / 7.1 Surround.  All formats can be implemented without a LFE/sub-woofer channel.  Quad mode supports cars with no center channel and LCR mode is for cars without rear speakers.


Automatic Setup 


Once Center/Side/Rear high-pass filter frequencies and the measurements to the driver's seat are entered into the Setup Panel, PerfectSurround automatically delivers the optimum channel mix for each seat in the car.  

Quick Setup Panel.png

Upmix Channel Control

Exercise total artistic freedom over the sound distribution in a car using three adjustment faders which alter the balance between Center, Side and Rear channels.  Swictch beween RHD/LHD layouts, bypass at the click of a button. 

Upmix Panel.png

Advanced Automotive Tuning 

Finish your tuning post-upmix with PerfectSurround's advanced controls.  Set levels, steering frequency limits, filter limits and delay controls.  Filter limits act similar to delays, but optimize mulitple car seats simultaneously.

Advanced Tuning Panel.png



Available as an OEM software code port where PerfectSurround provides  all software - including installers, user control panels and API - to our partners for them to deploy our software to their platform of-choice.



PerfectSurround can be white-labeled to meet a manufacturer’s unique specifications.  Or for  manufacturers that want benefit from the market leading upmix brand into their technology stack: "Powered by PerfectSurround".



PerfectSurround has been optimized for the ADI 21489 SHARC chipset.

ADI 21489Sharc.jfif

Partner Benefits

API Simplifies Integration

Develop your UI or leverage ours, faster

Built for Automotive

Easier to deploy, support & maintain

Flexible Toolset Included

Future-proof:  All panels easily re-configured


Establish multi-channel sound market leadership

Market Leadership

Generates revenue sooner, free-up in-house resources

Same DSP for consumer electronics

Get similar upmixer benefits for home electronics

PSA Logo.png

MultiSeat Phaseless Upmixer 

Hear the PerfectSurround difference with a free in-car listening session!

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