Since 2012, Penteo’s unique phaseless AAX / VST3 audio plugin produces the highest quality multichannel upmix/downmix that always adheres to the original mixers intent - nothing is artificially added, altered or removed from the source.


All Formats:  Only Penteo up- and downmixes all major formats - Stereo, 5.1 / 7.1 Surround, Dolby Atmos, Auro3D, DTSX, Ambisonics and 360 Binaural audio - from a single plugin.

16 Channels:  Penteo blows past Pro Tool's channel limitation giving sound designers 16 channels up or down - including Atmos 9.1.6 and 3rd Order Ambisonics FuMa / AmbiX. 

Phaseless Process: Penteo's unique phaseless process generates the perfect upmix with zero unwanted artifacts that downmixes 100% ITU back to any original source. 

Faster Workflows:  Switch between formats on-the-fly without plugin re-initiation. Penteo Modes, Dialog Control, 2D / 3D Visualizer and LFE controls speed mix workflows.

Output All Formats in Binaural:  Penteo now includes optional Binaural output from any supported format. Penteo's One-Click 360 modes bring studio quality upmixing to headphones quickly and easily.

Perfect Upmix.  Perfect Downmix.  Any Format to Any Format

Award Winning Upmix / Downmix Audio Plugin


Pro Tools Expert's Editor, Mike Thornton

"Penteo always gives an upmix that is transparent and downmix compatible 

"I like Penteo's simple interface & excellent natural, unforced immersive sound"

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Award-Winning Audio Plugins





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16 Channels, All Formats Up or Down


Perfect Phaseless Upmix

Unique Phaseless DSP delivers the most natural upmix that always downmixes perfectly to any source 

Complete Vocals Isolation using Penteo's Discreet Center Mode and DropVox Mode 

Downmix Compatibilty Monitor ensures perfect 100% ITU downmix from any source to any source 


Faster Workflows

Penteo Modes Automate Key Tasks 

Upper, Center, DropVox, Boost, BiColor, One-Click 360 and DSP Modes increase mix creativity and speed every workflow.


Switch Formats Without Plugin Reinitiatiation 

Penteo automatically self-detects upmix or downmix mode saving time in multi-instance mixes.


One-Click 360 Audio Output

Upmix stereo, LCR, Quad or 5.1 track using 1st or 2nd Order Ambisonics with Binaural output.  Penteo's one-click Facebook360 and Youtube360 modes bring studio quality to headphones



Minimal Size

Minimal mode monitors all key Penteo settings yet reduces plugin face size by 60%, freeing up screen space for big sessions 


Penteo Includes Everything

Automatic Ambisonics Encoding & Decoding

Upmix or Downmix any format to 1st, 2nd, 3rd Order, directly to either AmbiX or FuMa or Binaural.  Penteo includes specialized Ambisonics controls, meters and Visualizer. 

Binaural Output from any format

When headphones are the target, Penteo can optionally output high quality Binaural from any Penteo supported format.  Binaural is useful for 360 audio, VR/AR and gaming. 



16 Channel Downmixer Included

Identical interface and controls to downmix any format to any other Penteo supported format between Stereo and 16 channels. 


Penteo Visualizer:  See Your Sound

Silmutaneous 2D/3D or 2D soundfield views for every supported format.


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