About Penteo

Established in 2012, thousands of post-production mixers, sound designers, composers and educators in 49 countries rely on Penteo to deliver an immediate, high quality upmix from stereo to surround or to 16-channel immersive formats.
We focus on being the first to bring the latest sound and technology innovations to our customers so that they can benefit the most. Penteo has led the market being the first phaseless upmixer, the first to port to 64 bit architecture and the first integrated 16 channel upmix/downmixer.
We are proud to have won multiple industry awards including twice being named 'Upmixer of the Year', and won ProTools Expert’s head to head ‘Upmixer Shootout’ competition. 
Penteo provides personalized support to our global customers. These include Hollywood's 'Big 6', 21 of the world's largest post-production studios, over 40 national broadcasters and 30 sound design schools use Penteo for their daily production mixes.

Penteo Innovations



1st phaseless 5.1 upmixer

1st phaseless 7.1 upmixer

1st AAX64 bit upmixer

1st multichannel Audiosuite 


1st phaseless 16 channel upmixer

1st Integrated phaseless Downmixer

1st 3D Upmix/Downmix Visualizer

2019 Expert's Choice Winner

2018 Upmix Shootout Winner

About PerfectSurround

PerfectSurround technology delivers a perfect stereo upmix that will always downmix back to the original stereo 100% ITU, every time from any stereo source.  Only PerfectSurround technology is completely phaseless so mixers never have to compromise their upmix to get an ‘exact’ downmix:  PerfectSurround delivers both.  


PerfectSurround results in a deeply immersive and most natural sounding upmix with wide channel separation of the highest quality without introducing any unwanted sonic artifacts into the process.  We have invested in the best, most unique technology so that our controls and logic do the heavy work to speed your surround or immersive upmix session.

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